What's It All About?

Hi! I am Michaela. I have loved history since I was six years old. I was reading chapter books about Abraham Lincoln by then. When I was seven I started to learn and read about more United States presidents and their lives. I became fascinated with history. In this blog I will share with you my love for history and the things we learn from the past.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Williamsburg, VA

My mom and I recently went to Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg,VA for a few days. Colonial Williamsburg is one of my mom's favorite places in the world.  It is like stepping back in time. While we were there we went on a christmas decoration tour. I was fascinated by how they figured out what might have been on the doors of Colonial Virginian's houses. We learned that if you had apples, pineapples or some type of imported goods, it showed wealth.  The only thing was the colonials would never put fruit like apples and pineapples on their doors. They would put them on the table as a center piece in order to show their prosperity.

Ladies would have tiny Lady apples so they could nibble politely.  Wealthy women would never eat a normal size apple because it would be impolite to open their mouth wide.

I took a bunch of photos on the tour. Here is a collage of modern Williamsburg doors that are interpretations of how the doors would be decorated.

You can go back in time too by visiting Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum.  Be sure to stay in one of the colonial houses to feel like you are in 1775.