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Hi! I am Michaela. I have loved history since I was six years old. I was reading chapter books about Abraham Lincoln by then. When I was seven I started to learn and read about more United States presidents and their lives. I became fascinated with history. In this blog I will share with you my love for history and the things we learn from the past.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sarah Becomes Madame CJ Walker

Then Sarah got married to Charles Joseph Walker in 1905. After a few years they divorced but she kept the name Madame CJ Walker.

Soon Sarah's hair products business took off. It was a small business called Madame C.J. Walker's Manufacturing Company. Sarah donated money to Frederick Douglas and the Tuskegee Institute. She travelled to the Caribbean and Latin America to promote her business and teach her hair care methods. In 1917, she constructed and estate called Villa Lewaro in Irvington On Hudson New York. Sarah was one of the richest African Americans and women of her time. Madame C. J. Walker named her first beauty school Lelia College. Sadly Sarah died in 1919 at the age of 51. Madame Walker help to prove men and women were equal. She showed that a women could run a million dollar company and invent many products.

Fun Fact: My Dad grew up in Irvington On Hudson. It is a town close to New
York City.

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  1. This is a great story of an early African American Woman Pioneer! Thanks for sharing it!