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Hi! I am Michaela. I have loved history since I was six years old. I was reading chapter books about Abraham Lincoln by then. When I was seven I started to learn and read about more United States presidents and their lives. I became fascinated with history. In this blog I will share with you my love for history and the things we learn from the past.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Favorite President

Abraham Lincoln at 37
Welcome everyone to my brand new blog. I am excited to share my love for history with you. I am starting my blog with a post about my favorite president Abraham Lincoln.  Abe Lincoln was born in Kentucky in 1809.  He had an older sister named Sarah.  When he was young his mom died. When Sarah cried about their mom, Abe would comfort his sister with a baby raccoon.  Soon someone claimed the Lincoln land and they moved.  Shortly after Mr. Lincoln got remarried. Abe went to school only little bits at a time.  During his free time he read by the fire.  He read books about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  That is how he was so smart and in his later life became a lawyer.

When he was 21 he went to Illinois by boat to a small town named New Salem.  Lincoln worked for the people of the town.  He helped them fight small battles.  Abe became a lawyer for the townspeople.  His friend's son was put in jail for murder but she knows he is innocent.  The boy had been in a fight.   Another man in the crowd supposedly ran over to see if the injured man was OK after the fight.  Instead he stabbed him killing the injured man and blaming the friend's son for it. Lincoln defended the boy.  The jury then found the man from the crowd guilty and let the boy free.

One night Abe met a wealthy young woman from Kentucky at a party.  Her name was Mary Todd.  She soon became Mary Todd Lincoln.  They had four sons but only one lived to be old. 
Mary Todd Lincoln

Please join me tommorow for my next post where I will write about Lincoln's election and presidency.


  1. Hi Michaela,

    My name is Chris and I live in Australia. I'm a retired school teacher. I have to say that I am very impressed with your blog. I think it is wonderful that you have such a love of history. It's so very important to remember our past, to learn from it and not make the same mistakes as before. Congratulations on your writing about the subjects that you love.


  2. Great job Michaela!!
    I really like your blog and Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents, too. I live in central Illinois and have visited his home and burial place many times. And the New Salem settlement is recreated to the time when Lincoln lived there. I have not been to the new Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL but I hear it is great.
    Keep up the good work. I love history and look forward to more postings.

  3. Great info Michaela! I'm a new follower now. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Michaela this is a wonderful idea for a blog. I learned some things I didn't know. I am looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you for sharing your love of history.

  5. Hi,
    I am Babsi from germany and I wanna say a big congratulation for your new Blog. Great idea.
    Hugs Babsi

  6. Hi Michaela, I am an English teacher from Germany and I have to say the idea of blogging about your country's past is very interesting. I might recommend my students to have a look at your blog from time to time. Maybe they will follow your example?
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi, I am Evil Edna from Bury St Edmunds in England. I am surround by a wealth of history where I live and would like to know more about other countries so i look forward to reading more about the USA's past.EE

  8. Hi, I am looking forward to reading some more about your presidents. As I live in The Netherlands we have Kings and Queens with history.
    Hugs Yolanda

  9. Hi Michaela!!I love Abe too!!Plus I am working on a art piece that includes photos of him and his words!!Excellent information on Abe..thanks for sharing!!Hugs,Cat

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  11. Sorry, I made a mistake earlier :-)

    Hello, Michaela! I'm Ana, from Spain in Europe. I'm very glad to know your great blog and to know also that you are so interested in your Country History, it isn't very usual that a little girl as you are likes read history books. I hope your blog will be very, very succesful! :-) I send you a kiss from Europe.

    Oh, I love your "patriotic fishes" ;-)

  12. It is very nice to see a photo of Lincoln without his beard. Thank you for sharing it and the beginning of his story.

  13. Hi Michaela,
    My name is Kathy and I live just right outside of Springfield, IL and right near Salem, IL - where Abe lived for some time. He also practices law in downtown Springfield, IL. You have done a wonderful job on setting up your blog and discussing Mr. Lincoln - I am very impressed!! Keep up the good work!

  14. Excellent job! Thank you for sharing all your hard work!

  15. Hi Michaela!
    My name is Sonia from Puerto Rico (a tropical island on the Caribbean)
    I found your blog in another blog (Cora's blog, your mom)
    Very interesting your blog...Congrats! Great idea.